Las Vegas casinos

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the place to go if you wish to have a grand casino getaway.

The Las Vegas Strip, a 4 mile road paved with casinos, has the highest concentration of casino resort hotels in the world and is the location of the some of the most famous and unique casinos in the world as well. Some of the unique casinos that can be found in the Las Vegas Strip include the:

Circus Circus Hotel Casinos

This casino is unique not only because circus performances are held at its Big Top all day long but also because it is the only casinos in existence that has a family-oriented theme and has all sorts of entertainment available for children of all ages while the parents spend time in the gaming rooms.

Stratosphere Tower Hotel Casino

Unique due to the 1000-foot tall Stratosphere Tower. Anyone headed for the casinos will definitely find their way there even without directions because it simply stands above the rest.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel Casino

Although a relatively new resort this Paris-themed casino is a big hit already. If you want to experience Paris in Las Vegas this is the casino to visit. There you will find scale models of famous Paris attractions including the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.

Luxor Hotel Casino

Distinctively ancient Egpytian in feel this hotel casino is a glass pyramid that has not only a Sphinx at the entrance but also King Tut’s tomb underneath the pyramid.

Caesar’s Palace Hotel Casino

There’s modern Paris, ancient Egypt, and this time a tribute to the Roman Empire.

Excalibur Hotel Casino

A visit to this casino is like stepping back into the medieval times. A castle it has everything from tourneys, a medieval village, King Arthur and his court of jesters, magicians and so much more.

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